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About Me

I’ve always felt a strong sense of what I was meant to do. Ever since I first stepped onstage, or decided to get a job at the local bookstore so I could fund a week-long acting intensive; When I first walked into Emerson College’s visitor center and knew that was the school for me; Or when I set my sights on living in Los Angeles, I knew what I wanted and I made it happen. 

It's been 6 years since I first moved to LA, and the gut feeling of being in the right place is stronger than ever. Every time I pass a billboard advertising the latest tv show, my heart flutters. Every time I see the Hollywood sign, even on a bad day, my mood lifts. And every time I get the chance to be on set as an extra or speaking actor, my mind instantly fills with possibilities of what I could do in this industry. 


I’m drawn to telling stories that take place in the past, that celebrate people who defy expectations, and that express what it means to be human and vulnerable. I love characters who soar past societal norms, who crave strength and power, and find the confidence to stand up for themselves and those they love. I flourish in these types of roles because I can channel my strength of knowing what’s right for me into knowing what’s right for them. 


When I need to reignite my inner spark, you can find me at The Huntington Gardens’ rose garden, catching the latest film release at an AMC, or starting a new craft in my apartment. 


They say when you know, you know; and even though that’s usually about finding true love, I know I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be.

Current Favorites

A Summer to Remember



(Apple TV+)


A Winter in New York


Masters of the Air

(Apple TV+)

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